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How to Control Hair Loss?

How to Control Hair Loss?

More than 40% of adults experience hair loss before their 40s

Hair loss is something losing more than hair, it alters the physical appearance of a person and also causes social anxiety due to lower self-esteem. People with hair fall always find a way to avoid social gatherings and feel non-confident. There are many causes for hair loss but Pollution and stress are the main reasons for hair fall. Other causes of hair loss can be hereditary, hormonal changes, poor diet, or medication. Some hair styling products also cause damage to hair roots and make the hair dry, weak, and prone to breakage. The heat emits by iron curlers, blow dryers, and straightening machines may cause massive damage to hair. 

What Is Hair Loss?

On a normal day losing about 100 hairs are considerable but if you lose more than normal, it means you have hair fall problems. Based on cause hair loss can be for short period as well as can stay for the long term. Temporary hair loss problems may occur by hormonal changes that occur during & post-pregnancy, in PCOD, or as the result of medication. Seasonal hair fall also occurs for a short span. Causes for short-term hair fall don’t need treatment and can be stopped with proper maintenance. But long -term hair fall because of hereditary problems needs treatment. Aging is a major cause of hair fall in most men after they reach their 50s. If you are facing hair loss then you must visit your nearest hair expert and undergo a medical examination to analyze the reason behind hair loss and should take treatment to solve the hair problem at the earliest. Multiple solutions are available to cure hair problems and, in this article, we will share some of them with you.

Which Hair Products Make Your Hair Fall Out?

All hair products that have chemicals in their composition cause hair loss. Using Hair products like dyes, styling gels, keratin treatments, and sprays occasionally does not cause so much damage, makes the hair root weak, and causes moderate to severe hair loss if used frequently. Shampoos and conditioners that have sulfate and paraben cause mild hair loss. Hair specialists recommend using hair conditioning and nourishing procedures to balance the damage caused after using chemical products. Also, hair protectants must be used to minimize the damage caused due to heat appliances.

Why Natural products are best to treat hair loss?

Hair products that have natural extract as active ingredients in their composition are best to cure hair loss problems. Whatever the reason behind hair loss, it’s important to adopt an appropriate hair care routine to reduce breakage and nourish remaining hair. You can try Actium Hair loss lotion to keep your hair healthy. The naturally derived Hair Growth Complex of ACTIUM PLUS ANTI-HAIRLOSS LOTION provides strength and regains the hair with added benefits of Nano encapsulated technology to restore hair from the root Hair Growth Complex of ACTIUM PLUS ANTI-HAIRLOSS LOTION consists of 3 different plant extracts (i.e., Saw palmetto, Southernwood & White mulberry) which helps to prevent hair loss & gives longer and stronger hair. Saw palmetto extract inhibits the 5-alpha reductase enzyme and suppresses the binding capacity of DHT to androgen receptor by 50% Southernwood extract nourishes the hair and avoids flaking of the scalp. White mulberry extract is loaded with vitamins A, C, E, flavonoids & Iron, and fulfills the requirement of minerals to reduce hair loss due to mineral deficiency.

The added benefits of Actium Plus Anti Hair Loss Lotions are.

✔ It significantly improves the quantity and quality of Hair by increasing thickness and density.

✔ Prevents hair loss by reducing oxidative stress damage.

✔ Improves hair cell proliferation by Increasing the production of endothelial growth factors in the scalp tissue

It not only strengthens and restores the most fragile hair but also aids in activating new hair growth. It uses NANO ENCAPSULATION TECHNOLOGY (NET) so that the active ingredients reach the deeper layers of the scalp. The NET technology improves the efficacy of the product to deliver better results. It also avoids flaking of the scalp which ultimately helps in reducing hair loss.


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