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How To Deal With Under Eye Skin?

How To Deal With Under Eye Skin?

Eyes Are the First Thing People Notice and Beautiful Eyes Speak More Than Words. In this era of the digital world, plenty of people is suffering from lack of sleep and stress due to excessive use of mobile or social media, leading to a plethora of under-eye problems. Most common among these are under-eye aging, dark circles & under-eye bags. Nowadays all genders and ages of people are affected by under-eye problems. The thought of aging stunned the brain of most people, because they want to look young forever but “getting old” is something people try their best to fight or at least delay. Today people are more concerned about looking old rather than getting old. Skin aging is a natural phenomenon but factors like dirt, pollution, stress, and lack of hydration gear up the aging process of the skin. The skin under and around the eyes is tenuous than the rest of the face therefore more vulnerable. In my discussion, I will mention various under-eye skin problems and significant treatment. Keep on reading and discover interesting information on under-eye skin problems and their treatment.

What are dark circles?

Dark circles are a worrisome condition in which the skin around the eyes becomes dark, and may also feel dry, sensitive, and wrinkly. The main factors responsible for dark circles are Genetics and constant eye strain. Photodamage also stimulates pigmentation in the eyelids. Getting old makes the problem worse, as we age, the under-eye skin loses collagen and elastin and becomes thinner and more fragile to under-eye problems. The overall prevalence of dark circles in Indian women is 50% having a severity of moderate to severe.

What are under-eye bags?

The fluid retention in the skin makes eyes puffy or under-eye bags. Changes in hormonal levels, aging, sinusitis, a high salt diet, and certain medications might be the possible reasons to retain fluid underneath your eyes. Other reasons may include chronic disorders such as thyroid disease, kidney disease, and heart ailments. 

What are Crow’s feet lines?

Small lines or Crow’s feet lines are the wrinkles around the outer corner of the eyes. A person with dry skin is more prone to wrinkles as compared to an oily skin person but it doesn’t mean that oily skin will not get wrinkles. The skin around the eyes becomes thinner and the muscles become strong after the 20s. This together leads to wrinkles starting at the outer corner of the eye extending outwards. Getting wrinkles can be delayed by moisturizing the skin and eye area constantly with proper sleep and drinking lots of water but also note that getting wrinkles is inevitable.

Best way to nourish Under eye skin

Many home remedies are available which are proven to treat under-eye problems but if you don’t have time to apply home remedies you can try ACTI-R Eye Contour Cream.

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