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How to overcome winter skin aging?

How to overcome winter skin aging?

A celebration of festivals is now over and a seasonal nightmare for our skin is waiting and i.e., wintertime. With frigid temperatures and dry air, wintertime makes it difficult for us to take care of our skin. The dropping temperatures, harsh outdoor elements, and dry indoor heat zap the skin of its moisture and very often create a dry, itchy, and inflamed skin barrier. The newest research has proven that low temperature and humidity enhance skin complications, especially when it comes to skin aging. Seasonal effects on NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) on the cheeks and hands were found, suggesting an influence of climatic factors at the biochemical and ultrastructural levels. In this article, we present you with some tips on how to be prepared for such hardships and have healthy, youthful skin irrespective of unfavorable winter conditions.

The mechanism of skin aging can be subdivided into intrinsic, or physiological, and extrinsic aging. Intrinsic aging involves thin & dry skin with the subsequent formation of wrinkles and fine lines while the extrinsic is influenced by environmental factors like UV radiation or low humidity. Both processes increase free radical’s synthesis and suppress the ability of cell proliferation and differentiation by shrinking skin pores which further reduce nutritional supply. At the same time, low NMF during winter causes structural changes and skin became more prone to eczema, dermatitis, or skin aging.

What does Vitamin C Do with Skin Aging?

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that scavenges free radicals and provides Photoprotection. It also helps in the synthesis of mRNA of Collagen type I & II and improves 3D collagen structure formation to promote even skin tone & lighten the skin by suppressing melanocyte proliferation factor. Continuous stress and pollutants in the environment generate free radicals on the skin which are responsible for early aging. Applying ACTI-C serum decreases these free radicals & gives more youthful skin. Active ingredients in ACTI-C serum are encapsulated by Nanotechnology which helps to penetrate deeply into the skin, by improving absorption, and also ensures delivery of active ingredients at the targeted site. ACTI-C serum contains two different most stable forms of Vitamin C & other antioxidants that take care of your skin leaving behind a cleaner & brighter look. It helps to stimulate collagen synthesis, neutralizes skin-damaging free radicals & diminishes dark spots. Regular use of ACTI-C serum can Rejuvenate your skin and promotes luminous & even tone skin. It helps to reduce photoaging, fine lines, and wrinkle to provide a brighter complexion.


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